Grove Harris

Grove Harris consults, speaks, and writes about religious diversity in America and the interfaith movement.  She currently serves as a representative to the United Nations for the Temple of Understanding.  Previously, she was the Program Director for the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions, orchestrating over 600 programs for the Parliament held in Melbourne, Australia, December 3-9, 2009.

She has recently presented at the American Academy of Religion, the UN Rio + 20 conference in Rio De Janeiro, the Marion Institute's Bioneers Connecting for Change conference, the North American Interfaith Network, Brandeis University, Union Theological Seminary, the Global Youth Leadership Institute and more. As a Peace Commissioner, she represented the City of Cambridge at the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities in Krusevac, Serbia and on a delegation to Bethlehem, Palestine. She currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for NEMAAR, the New England Maritimes Region of the American Academy of Religion.

Grove Harris served as the Managing Director for the Pluralism Project at Harvard University through January, 2007. This award-winning project documents the religious diversity of America and offers resources for educators on its website. After joining the Project in 1994, she managed the extensive growth of the Project, dramatically increasing capacity, productivity, and outreach. Her work included building a network of researchers, receiving international visitors, public speaking, writing, and editing. Areas of research included religious diversity in the workplace and the interfaith movement. She is currently an affiliate of the Pluralism Project.

Grove blogs on the Huffington Post. Her other publications include the section on Paganism for the CD-Rom On Common Ground: World Religions in America, a chapter on Wicca and Healing, "Healing in Feminist Wicca," for Religion and Healing in America, Oxford University Press, 2005, the chapter “Pagan Involvement in the Interfaith Movement: Exclusions, Dualities, and Contributions,” in Crosscurrents, Spring, 2005, and the chapter entitled "Youth and the Pluralism Project" in Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action, edited by Eboo Patel and Patrice Brodeur, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2006.

She has taught at the University of Massachusetts/Boston, at the Global Youth Leadership Institute well as at adult religious retreats, and leading a Maidens' group for teenage girls. She has led consensus training workshops in Germany and England. Her community activism has served causes including environmental concerns, peace activism, urban open space, economic development for women, and religious freedom.

Her background is in Race, Gender and Class studies. She earned her B.A. in Women's Studies, Business, and Religion from the University of Massachusetts (1992). Her Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School (1996) incorporated studies of organizational development and business management into the study of religion and ethics. She is a Wiccan Priestess, and has lead public rituals for groups ranging in size from 20 to 300. She served as a Chaplain at MCI-Framingham, and as a Peace Commissioner for the City of Cambridge.