University Develops Leak-Proof Food Bowls from Leaves

Phitsanulok, Thailand:
Concern over the rising use of polluting styrofoam containers has encouraged a research team at Naresuan University to develop a process to make watertight, degradable food bowls from leaves.
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These Forks and Spoons Won't End Up in a Landfill... Because You Can Eat Them

Click the image to view a video about Bakey's Edible Cutlery, a company founded in 2010 in India, the largest user of disposable utensils in the world.

Edible Cutlery by Bakey's 

Nature Will Always Find a Way

Images of hope: click the image to view a slideshow of trees and plants emerging from between the cracks of the human-made world.

Impossible Tree

World’s First Plastic Fishing Company Wants to Rid the Oceans of Plastic Pollution


The premise behind the Amsterdam-based venture Plastic Whale is beautifully simple. First, the company fishes out plastic bottles and other debris from the city’s numerous canals. Second, when enough bottles are collected, the plastic is transformed into material to make a boat. Third, the new boat is used to fish for more plastic bottles—to make more boats. Genius.

The goal of Plastic Whale—which describes itself as the world’s first plastic fishing company—is to rid the world’s waters of plastic pollution. With an estimated 8 million tons of plastic trash entering our waterways annually, Plastic Whale is going to need a lot of boats.

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